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European Conference on Computational Optimization (EUCCO)


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The EUCCO conference series aims to bring scientists from computational optimization, algorithms for large-scale optimization problems and related applications together. This 2023 edition will especially emphasize optimization with partial differential equations, large-scale optimization as well as numerical optimization algorithms and software. Previous editions of the EUCCO conference were held in Dresden (2004), Montpellier (2007), Chemnitz (2013), Leuven (2016) and Trier (2018).

After the EUCCO 2023

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the conference by organizing, presenting and participating. We had a very enjoyable event with

  • 180 participants, of which
    • 44 female
    • 81 young researchers without Phd
  • 10 focus sessions organized by 19 focus session organizers
  • 129 focus session presentations and 1 plenary presentation
  • participants from 23 countries (by place of work)

Feel free to download the full resolution conference photo or the conference logo (png) (vector).

Conference participation confirmations for the participants are available in converia.

Times and dates

The conference program will begin Monday, September 25, 2023 at 12:00 noon and run until Wednesday, September 27, 2023 late afternoon.

The on-site check-in opens Monday at 10:00, and lunch will be served until 12:00. On-site check-in will be possible throughout the conference.

Important dates:

  • 2023-01-31: Submission of abstracts opens
  • 2023-05-31: Submission of abstracts closes, and travel support requests are due
  • 2023-06-16: Decision on accepted talks and travel support (Communicated on 2023-06-19)
  • 2023-06-30: Online registration opens
  • 2023-09-03: Online registration closes (Updated)


The conference will take place at the campus “Im Neuenheimer Feld” (INF), Heidelberg, Germany (google maps link) of Heidelberg University.

Campus plan of the Neuenheimer Feld

Note that the marked walking path is highly recommended, as there will be construction on the southern end of the INF 252 building and passing on foot will not be possible. The path will be marked on the ground.

Scientific program

Aside from plenary talks by the invited speakers, there will be focus sessions for regular contributions to the conference. We will have 55 minutes per plenary talk and 30 minutes per presentation in a focus session, including questions and discussions.

The full scientific program is now available and you can download the book of abstracts here.

Plenary lectures

We will have plenary presentations by the following invited speakers:

Focus sessions

The topics and organizers of the focus sessions are:

  1. Optimization and Machine Learning (ML)    ( Olga Mula, Aymeric Dieuleveut)
  2. Non-smooth Optimization (NSO)    ( Anne-Therese Rauls, Kathrin Welker)
  3. Optimization under Uncertainty (OU)    ( Caroline Geiersbach, Aswin Kannan)
  4. Inverse Problems (IP)    ( Anne Wald, Tram Nguyen)
  5. Optimization on Manifolds (MAN)    ( Thomas Bendokat, Estelle Massart)
  6. Optimal and Feedback Control of PDEs (PDE)    ( Daniel Walter, Hannes Meinlschmidt)
  7. Shape and Topology Optimization (STO)    ( Peter Gangl, Estefanía Loayza)
  8. Model-Order Reduction for Optimization and Control (MOR)    ( Carmen Gräßle, Sebastian Peitz)
  9. Mixed-Integer Optimization (MIO)    ( Paul Manns)
  10. Optimization in Applications (APP)    ( Claudia Totzeck, Dante Kalise)

The session blocks will be as follows (updated 2023-09-19):

Time/Rooms Lecture Hall Seminar Room A Seminar Room B Seminar Room C Seminar Room 2 Conference Room
Mon Sep 25 14:00-16:00 PDE 1 OU 1 IP 1 NSO 1 MIO 1 ML 1
Mon Sep 25 16:30-18:30 PDE 2 STO 1 APP 1 MAN 1 MOR 1 ML 2
Tue Sep 26 10:30-12:30 PDE 3 OU 2 APP 2 NSO 2 IP 2
Tue Sep 26 14:00-16:00 ML 3 STO 2 APP 3 MAN 2 IP 3
Wed Sep 27 09:00-10:30 ML 4 APP 4 MAN 3 MOR 2
Wed Sep 27 11:00-13:00 PDE 4 OU 3 STO 3 NSO 3 MOR 3
Wed Sep 27 14:30-16:30 ML 5 STO 4 APP 5 NSO 4 MIO 2

Social program

There will be a city tour and a conference dinner. The social program is listed in the program with the scientific program here. For more detail, see below.

City tour

There will be organized guided city tours in groups of 20 in English and German (in parallel), in the afternoon on Tuesday 2023-09-26.

The tours will start at 17:30h at Neckarmünzplatz (google link) and end at approximately 19:00h at the venue of the conference dinner, Arthotel (google maps link).

To reach the starting point of the city tour, you have multiple options:

  • Ride the RNV 37 bus line from the “Bunsengymnasium” stop right in front of the INF 205 (Mathematikon) building, which the conference will end at on Tuesday, ride 4 stops (7 mins) to the “Alte Brücke Nord” stop, and walk the final 500m, crossing the old bridge, to the meeting spot at Neckarmünzplatz. You can make the tour nicely using the 16:41 connection at “Bunsengymnasium”, arriving at 16:48 at “Alte Brücke Nord”, or using the 17:01 connection, arriving at 17:08.
  • Walk straight from the conference to the meeting spot (3.5km, roughly 45 mins).
  • Use a rentable bike or electric scooter (3.5km, roughly 15-20 mins), see Traveling within Heidelberg.

Conference dinner

The conference dinner will take place in the evening on Tuesday 2023-09-26 at the Arthotel (google maps link) in Heidelberg. The conference dinner is included in the conference fee. There will be a buffet with non-vegetarian, vegetarian and vegan options. Please note that due to the venue’s seating limitations, admission to the conference dinner is subject to overall demand.

There will be a reception at the dinner venue 18:30-19:30h and dinner starts at 19:30.

To reach the dinner venue (without participation in the city tour), you have multiple options:

  • Ride the RNV 31 bus line from the “Bunsengymnasium” stop across the street from the INF 205 building, which the conference will end at on Tuesday, and ride to the terminal stop (15 mins) “Universitätsplatz” stop (it’s the old university campus in the city center) and walk the final 100m to Arthotel (google maps link).
  • Walk straight from the conference to Arthotel (google maps link) (3.1km, roughly 40 mins).
  • Use a rentable bike or electric scooter (3.1km, roughly 15-20 mins), see Traveling within Heidelberg.

Conference administration

Abstract submission

Abstract submission is closed as of 2023-06-01.

Registration and fees

Due to the generous contributions of various sponsors, the conference fee will be 50 € and it includes the conference dinner. The registration will be handled in the conference management software converia. Please follow the registration link and see times and dates for the registration phase.

Please note that there will be no refunds in case of cancellation.

Travel support

Due to the generous contributions of various sponsors, we are able to financially support young researchers in covering their travel and housing costs at this conference.

Applications for travel support are closed as of 2023-06-01.

Please note that the allocation of our travel support funds is dependent on the overall demand. We will communicate the decision on support allocation by 2023-06-16.

Travel information

Getting to Heidelberg

By Train or Bus

You can reach Heidelberg’s central train station by train or bus.

By Plane

The two most reasonable airports are Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and Stuttgart Airport (STR). You can continue your trip to Heidelberg from either of these airports by train or bus.

By Car

Parking in the city and on campus is typically very limited. Please inquire about the conditions at your hotel or check the university’s overview on parking around the Neuenheimer Feld. Note that all parking options at the campus are subject to fees.

Traveling within Heidelberg

Heidelberg’s public transport (map) is part of the Rhein-Neckar region’s public transport system. The best way to go from the central train station to the conference venue by public transport is by taking the tram line 24 from the central train station (direction Handschuhsheim, Dossenheim, Schriesheim) to the Bunsengymnasium stop (about 5 mins travel time). Other options are a straight-forward 1.6km walk (google maps link), or renting a bike in the RNV’s pick-up/drop-off bike rental system or an e-scooter from Bolt, Lime, Tier or Zeus.


We have reserved rooms (with breakfast) in several local hotels from Sunday, September 24 until Thursday, September 28, 2023. This offer, however, has expired.

It has come to our attention that conference participants have been contacted by independent travel agents. We as conference organizers do not cooperate with any travel agents. We suggest you ignore unsolicited emails regarding travel or hotel arrangements.

Hotel options in Heidelberg include:

Local organizers

The conference is locally organized by

Program committee

The program committee consists of


Social media

If you are tweeting or posting about the conference, please use the recommended #EUCCO2023. Get in touch on X using the @ScoopLabHD handle.