Discrete Differential Geometry

Course Information


This seminar is intended for Master’s students in Mathematics and Scientific Computing. We are planning to discuss the lecture notes by Keenan Crane on a course on discrete differential geometry. The course also has video lecture notes which covers more material and can be consulted as a secondary source.


The chapter numbers refer to the lecture notes.

  1. Combinatorial Surfaces (Chapter 2)
    26.04.2023 in meeting room 2/414
    Miriam Philipp
  2. A Quick and Dirty Introduction to Differential Geometry (Chapter 3)
    03.05.2023 in seminar room 10 from now on
    Manuel Heger
  3. A Quick and Dirty Introduction to Exterior Calculus I (Chapters 4.1-4.4)
    Johannes Manstein
  4. A Quick and Dirty Introduction to Exterior Calculus II (Chapters 4.5-4.8)
    Manuel Weiß
  5. Curvature of Discrete Surfaces (Chapter 5)
    Jacob Relle
  6. The Laplacian (Chapter 6)
    Tim Alexander Wagemann
  7. Surface Parametrization (Chapter 7)
    Jannik Westermann
  8. Laplace-Beltrami Operators on Polygonal Meshes
    17.07.2023 at 13:30 in meeting room 2/414
    Antonia Stavemann

Presentations and Grading

In each meeting, we will cover one of the above topics in a 45-minute presentation, followed by a discussion and questions. The presentation should be in English. Your grade will be based on your presentation and on the subsequent discussion and questions session.

Dates and Timeline

We meet Wednesdays at 14:15, starting April 26, 2023, generally in seminar room 10 (5th floor). As an exception, just on April 26, we will be in meeting room 2/414 (2nd floor).


If you are interested in participating in this seminar, please register via MÜSLI, so we know how many participants we can expect. You will ultimately register for the class when you have selected a suitable topic at the organizational meeting.