Topics in Optimization

Course Information


This seminar is aims at introducing the participants to some of the basic topics in unconstrained, linear and convex optimization and is geared towards undergraduate students.

Course Material

We will be discussing material from the books


Enrolling in this seminar is no longer possible. Topics have been assigned during the first meeting on April 15. All participants should be signed up in via Müsli as well.

Material refers to the chapter in the respective book, e.g., “GL 1” means Chapter 1 in Gerdts, Lempio.

Course Meetings

We are meeting on the Thursdays above at 14:15 on Heiconf.


Each student is going to

  • give a 45 minute presentation,
  • submit a report accompanying their presentation one day before the presentation at the latest, which will be distributed,
  • take part in the peer assessment among their group (group 1 or group 2).


Presentations and reports can be either in German or English.


The final grade will be based on

  • your presentation and report (75%)
  • your engagement in the peer assessment process (25%).


There are many great resources available on the web on how to give a good seminar talk, for example

and many more. In my opinion, the most important guideline is to know what you are talking about and to make the presentation interesting and understandable for your audience. Everything else follows from there.