Optimization Seminar

Event information


The Optimization Seminar is intended to offer the research groups at the University of Heidelberg that are working in optimization a platform to present their work, combine research interests and generally establish an interactive effort to research optimization topics at the IWR and the math faculty.


The seminar is organized by the research group Scientific Computing and Optimization (R. Herzog) and was started in October 2021. Since May 2024, the seminar is represented in the University of Heidelberg physics faculty’s seminar talks organizer HePhySTO. You can get an overview of the upcoming and past talks in our seminar here.

Additionally, if you have a Heidelberg ID, you can subscribe to automatic email reminders for talks in our program here by selecting the reminder frequency on the top of the page and selecting “Optimization Seminar” from the list of seminars below.

If you are interested in giving a talk yourself, please send us an email here. If you have already been added by Georg Müller, you can check open slots in the google calendar.

Times, Location

The seminar is structured as weekly presentations during the teaching semesters. Our standard slot is Wednesdays, 11:00h - 12:00h in SR 11 of the INF 205 Mathematikon building, but please check the time and room of the talks in HePhySTO.


Duration of talks can range from 15 up to 50 minutes. We invite members of the organizing groups to offer presentations to practice talks for upcoming conferences, PhD defenses or simply to present new ideas in the development stage that might offer a chance of cooperation between the research groups. Some slots will be filled by invited external speakers.