Optimization Seminar

Event information


The Optimization Seminar is intended to offer the research groups at the University of Heidelberg that are working in optimization a platform to present their work, combine research interests and generally establish an interactive effort to research optimization topics at the IWR and the math faculty.


The seminar is jointly organized by the research groups Numerical Optimization (E. Kostina) and Scientific Computing and Optimization (R. Herzog).

Times and Format

The seminar will be structured as weekly presentations up to 45 min on Thursdays, 11:00h - 12:00h, starting October 28 and ending February 17 - not accounting for holidays and other events. While we hope that most of the slots will be filled by members of the organizing groups, we intend to offer remaining slots to external speakers. Each talk will either be given fully virtually or (preferably) live in person at Room 5.300 of the Mathematikon INF 205. Participants are invited to use this format to practice talks for upcoming conferences or PhD defenses. Additional audience is warmly welcomed.

Organizational information

On October 28, we will meet informally with all interested parties to discuss and assign presentation dates to the speakers. The talk schedule and the location will be announced and maintained in the corresponding google calendar.

Guest speaker

On November 28, Dr. Manuel Schaller (TU Ilmenau) will give a presentation on Optimal Control of port-Hamiltonian systems with minimal energy supply.